North Platte Native Returns to Film a UFC Reality Show


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. — Luke Caudillo’s last professional fight was three years ago, and now at the age of 34, Caudillo is not only still training fighters, but he is also fighting to get into the television industry.

The North Platte native and his production crew are going around the country, bringing former and current professional fighters along, and filming the pilot for their upcoming show called Gladiators Unleashed.

“We have done all kind of different activities; hunts, fishing, ATVing, with my local teammates and other guys in mixed martial arts that I used to compete in,” Caudillo said.

Caudillo took current lightweight MMA champ, Justin Gaethje and ex-heavy weight champ, Shane Carwin out to hunt turkeys in Maxwell Saturday, for the pilot.

“For the kids and everyone it just shows that we are normal people too, it just shows us on the outside, we have family, we have life, it is all the same thing,” Carwin said.

“It’s a career that we get punched in the face a lot,” Gaethje said. “It is a very stressful career that he did and us as fighters have, and we are regular people, and we like to get out and not waste time but just have a good time.”

Right now the former fighters are still in the process of filming, but Caudillo is looking at the opportunity of the show being picked up by major networks such as the Outdoors Channel and A&E.

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