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Premium Membership Registration

One of our goals here at Grudge Wear is to bring direct “Behind the Scenes” access to a side of the Mixed Martial Arts world that is rarely seen by the public.

All of our Premium Members will have direct access to an ever-growing portal that will include the following items:

  • Behind the Scenes videos of our fighters that will cover everything from their training regimens leading up to the fights, back stage access to warming up for their fights and an up close and personal video vantage point from ring side by our trainers and staff.  See what our fighters endure before and after a fight, coach’s preview while preparing fighters, practices and bloopers.
  • In the Life of: Short documentaries of what it is like to be a professional fighter/coach in MMA.  Have direct access of a professional athletes preparation, successes, failures, everyday life of some of the most elite athletes in the world.
  • Interviews of Fighters, Trainers, Sponsors and other MMA and Boxing professionals.
  • Various Workout Regimens and training logs that are designed by some of the best trainers in the business.
  • Dietary and Nutritional regimens that our professional fighters follow in preparation for their fights.
  • Move of the Week: Receive MMA, boxing, fitness, and health tips from professional fighters and coaches.
  • Receive Monthly Specials and coupon codes not available to the Public


By signing up for a Premium Membership you are agreeing to the following

Any and all material including images, videos, blog posts etc. of our fighters, trainers and gyms is genuine and is generally captured without staging.  Although a lot of our media is edited, we do not edit out profanity, blood, bruises, aggressive training, striking and other aspects of the world of Mixed Martial Arts and fighting.

**If you or anyone that could be in the viewing audience of any of Grudge Wears materials we strongly suggest parental permission for anyone 18 years of age or younger.


Please choose between the membership types below:

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