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GSOK Arm Black and Red Back

GSOK Arm Compression Sleeve – Black/Red

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Grudge introduces G-SOK to the fight world.  The G-SOK is engineered to fit and perform in any gloved fighting sport including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Kenpo, stick fighting, karate, and many others.  The G-SOK will fit and perform in any style glove on the market.  Fighters simply put on the G-SOK before any tape or gloves, much like an athletic sock.  After putting on the gloves fold the sleeve over the Velcro or laced portion of the glove.  Performance and safety is the key to the G-SOK.  No more Velcro wearing out, no more laces coming untied, no more sweaty gloves, no more lace and Velcro burns, and no more infections due to unnecessary abrasions.

  • Grudge Moisture-Wicking Polyester with integrated cotton skin for fighter’s comfort and safety during contact.
  • Elastic tubular liner that engage in hand and wrist support.
  • Compression sleeve designed to fold over overlapping fighting glove and clutching the glove opening.  This will clinch the glove to the fighter for optimal performance and protection.
  • G-SOK overlapping portion will cover Velcro or laced portion of the glove.  This will protect opponent or sparring partner from unnecessary abrasions during fighting activity.


Instructional video of the GSOK Compression Arm Sleeve by Grudge Head Coach Trevor Wittman.



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